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Where can I find a thrift store?

You have come to Rummage Hunter the world’s largest Thrift shop directory which you can take anywhere as it is available on Android & iPhone.


With Rummage Hunter you can locate Thrift store shops, Op Shops, markets, and garage/yard sales (if they are listed on Rummage Hunter) and be navigated directly to your chosen venue via your mobile device.

The Rummage Hunter community is here for you,  you can place an ad to sell items of interest, locate Thrift shops, view community events and more, we have a blog so you can keep up with what is happening, you can visit our Facebook page and be a part of the Rummage Hunter community.

Whether you're moving house or just having a clean-up, there's no doubt that having a garage sale is the easiest most effective way of selling almost anything from used furniture, used appliances, whitegoods, pre-loved clothing and bric-a-brac. But what to do with all the usable stuff you have left over? Well you can use Rummage Hunter to contact your nearest charity Thrift shop to either arrange a pick up or drop off rather than use a bin which is generally overflowing and your kind charitable gesture ends up as landfill.

Rummage Hunter has been created to assist the Thrift shopper, marketer, Backpacker and traveller navigate to a sale, Thrift Shop or market with the use of geo-navigation, both the Android & iPhone app use the in-built GPS and this helps to navigate you to your chosen event. We found this a huge advantage for people who are travelling, new to an area or people who just want to go that little further to get that bargain or find that piece of treasure.

Rummage Hunter currently has listings for many charity organisations like RSPCA, Oxfam, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Cancer care and council, Endeavour, Heart foundation, Barnardo’s, Uniting church, Unique, Value Village, Savers, Humane society. We are currently serving 15 countries including England, Australia, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, Singapore, France, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic and Turkey.

Rummage Hunter is very easy to use and you can set the area you wish to travel e.g. 10, 20, 30 & 50 Km zones and we have checked 99.9% of all Thrift store shops for accuracy so you’ll arrive at the doorstep. We are constantly checking to make sure that Thrift shops are valid and open for business, however there are some that can slip the net so by you being a part of the Rummage Hunter community you can advise us and in turn this lets everyone else know.

Please contact us if you find a Thrift shop or Market that we don’t have on our list and we’ll gladly add them. If you’re having a garage/yard/boot sale, charity event or have something to sell and want maximum exposure then the Rummage Hunter app, in combination with our site, will allow prospective hunters to easily find your event and give you the greatest exposure.


We welcome you to the Rummage Hunter community and thank you for supporting us and your local community ….happy hunting.

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